Before and After

"Out with the old, and in with the new"!



                          BEFORE                                                  AFTER

Mobile home transformation. Notice the following changes...

1. Larger pantry (deeper and wider)
2. Two extra large drawers on the pantry for heavy or bulky items (small appliances, pots, etc.)
3. Larger, full depth, cabinet above the refrigerator, and now the space accomodates a larger refrigerator
(Notice that the knob for the cabinet above the refrigerator, and the vent-a-hood, are in the center of the door. The door is hinged from the top, and you lift up to access the entire, unobstructed, space. This feature also helps reduce the price by eliminating the need for an more hinges and knob hardware)

4. Additional drawer on base cabinet near the corner.
5. The corner base cabinet (next to the stove) has a lazy susan
6. The corner upper cabinet has a garage for bread, chips, small appliances, etc.



                         BEFORE                                                    AFTER
1. The vent-a-hood height has been raised, but cabinet space was still increased
2. To the right of the stove is a cabinet for cookie sheet storage
3. Larger stack of drawers (notice in the "before photos", this kitchen originally had only four drawers total, in the entire kitchen)
4. Larger workspace and door opening at the corner sink
5. Larger upper cabinet to the right of the sink



              BEFORE                                                    AFTER

1. The wall on the left, and the overhead cabinets have been removed
2. The bookcase for the customer's cook books
3. Another stack of four drawers
4. An additional drawer above the pair of doors



                        BEFORE                                                    AFTER

In Summary: We increased the number of drawer space from a previous total of 4, to a new total of 14. We created more cubic footage of usable cabinet space while maintaining the same basic layout, or footprint, as the original cabinets. With customized design features, the results are an efficient and elegant workspace to cook meals and entertain guests.




               BEFORE                                                        AFTER



                 BEFORE                                                       AFTER



                 BEFORE                                                      AFTER



                BEFORE                                   AFTER